Aston Martin will soon launch ... a motorcycle?

By RELAXNEWS | 29 October 2019

LONDON: Aston Martin is partnering with Brough Superior to create a motorcycle which will don the iconic Aston Martin wings for the very first time.

Aston Martin announced last Thursday that it is teaming with the century-old British motorcycle maker Brough Superior to create the first Aston Martin-branded motorcycle.

According to the British luxury automobile company, this bike will embody the visions of Aston Martin VP Marek Reichman and Brough Superior CEO Thierry Henriette, a pair of motorcycle enthusiasts.

The only image that was shared of the joint passion project was a smooth outline of the vehicle - the rest is up to our imaginations.

As far as we know, this model will not simply be a concept. Instead, it will be a "strictly limited edition" motorcycle, though how many units will be produced has not been disclosed.

The Aston Martin motorcycle will make its debut in Milan at the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show where the vehicle's specs will be revealed.