Aston Martin's V12 lives on, to get even more muscular

LONDON: Aston Martin has unveiled its latest marvel, a newly designed V12 engine, marking a significant leap in its 25-year tradition of flagship V12-powered vehicles.

This upgraded engine signals the company's continued commitment to delivering exhilarating, heart-pounding drives through superior technical innovation.

Boasting an impressive 835hp (+65hp) and 1,000Nm of torque (+97Nm), the engine is a result of extensive redevelopment focused on optimising every aspect of its performance.

Key improvements include a reinforced cylinder block and connecting rods, redesigned cylinder heads with reprofiled camshafts, and enhanced intake and exhaust ports.

Additionally, the engine features newly positioned spark plugs and higher flow-rate fuel injectors, which together with advanced, faster turbochargers, ensure optimal combustion and efficiency.

Aston Martin chief technical officer Roberto Fedeli described it as the start of a new era for the brand’s V12 engines.

This formidable engine is set to be a hallmark of Aston Martin’s most exclusive and limited-edition models.

Its debut is scheduled in a flagship model slated for release later in 2024, promising further revelations on its capabilities and features at that time.

In its press release's parting shot, Aston Martin seems to indicate the new V12 engine will debut in a new Vanquish.

The line "all will be vanquished" couldn't be more suggestive of that.
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