Auto China 2024: Geely Galaxy Starship SUV concept

BEIJING: Making its world premiere was the Geely Galaxy Starship high-tech flagship SUV concept, and powertrains can include battery electric, plug-in hybrid, range extender, and green methanol.

The new concept model is based on the Geely Electric Architecture (GEA).

User cockpit experience in the Galaxy Starship is improved with artificial intelligence (AI) via integration with the FlymeAuto car operating system from Meizu, a mobile devices company owned by Geely.

The Galaxy Starship is a continuation of the automaker's Yinhe family design language.

Meanwhile, Geely says its GEA is the world's first four-in-one architecture combining "hardware, system, ecology, and AI".

The Chinese automaker says its self-developed AI digital chassis has resulted in industry-leading autonomous driving and active safety capabilities.

"This integration of the AI large model with a digital chassis allows Geely vehicles to perform the world's first autonomous drift. The Geely AI digital chassis reacts in just 4 milliseconds, 25 times faster than the fastest human reaction, enabling "automatic evasive maneuvers" under extreme conditions," says Geely.

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Geely's AI digital chassis is said to be the world's first to use an AI large model which can process data from a variety of sensors, including cameras, radar, and Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) to understand the vehicle's surroundings.

This data is then used to control and automate vehicle dynamics including steering, braking, and acceleration.

The AI digital chassis can deliver benefits such as:
• Improved safety: detect hazards earlier and take evasive action more quickly than a human driver.
• Enhanced performance: optimise vehicle's performance for specific driving conditions.
• Reduced driver workload: automate tasks such as lane keeping and adaptive cruise control.

The Galaxy Starship is capable of Level 3 autonomous driving, and it can plan and execute automated driving manoeuvres, such as lane changes and overtaking.

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