Auto China 2024: Zeekr MIX

BEIJING: Premium electric mobility brand Zeekr unveiled its new SEA-M architecture and the first model built on it, the Zeekr MIX.

The MIX, Zeekr’s fifth model, measures 4.7 meters in length, with a 3-meter wheelbase, and has a 39cm ground clearance.

The SEA-M architecture supports a range of passenger vehicles like robotaxis and MPVs to commercial vehicles used for logistics.

Zeekr says an intelligent “living room” on wheels can be created with the SEA-M architecture - featuring a spacious interior, variable seat placement choices, and the hidden B-pillar.

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With the flat floors, a high wheelbase-to-length ratio, and a capsule-styled exterior, in-cabin space is maximised on every model based on the SEA-M architecture.

Also, the SEA-M’s advanced electrical/electronic (E/E) backbone allows infotainment screens to be set up both for the driver and passengers.

Zeekr also pointed out that while a spacious interior and a swift driving experience might seem mutually exclusive, the SEA-M architecture achieves both.

It enables a turning radius of less than 5 meters and has a technical interface for steer-by-wire.

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