Automotive Synergy offers advanced vehicle diagnostics akin to blood test

KUALA LUMPUR: Vehicle diagnostics have come a long way from when mechanics identified problems by poking around the engine or taking a lucky guess.

Today, advanced tools are able to provide accurate, real-time data on a vehicle's performance and condition with something as simple as a diagnostic oil test.

In fact, one such method already exists, developed by award-winning automotive care and navigation systems company, Automotive Synergy.

The world’s first "blood test" for vehicles, with an accuracy rate of 99%, the test is a fast, cost-effective, and transparent vehicle diagnostic option for automotive consumers and the industry as a whole — particularly good news when factoring the upcoming service tax hike for small workshops and secondhand car owners in Malaysia,

The automotive care and used car dealership market in Malaysia has long lacked proper transparency in its services following various cases including tampered second hand cars and workshops not meeting lawful requirements.

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Customers are constantly forced to second-guess their choices or risk getting scammed by unscrupulous services.

To address this issue, Automotive Synergy’s MotorCheckUp is the first service of its kind in Malaysia, where anyone can obtain accurate insight into their vehicles without breaking the bank.

Engineered in Germany, MotorCheckUp enables a full internal analysis of the engine, gearbox, brakes, and power steering with just one drop of fluid from the respective parts.

Each fluid will be deposited onto a test paper with its own unique QR code that guarantees a specific test result to be retrieved at any time if one has the need for it.

After submitting the sample fluids, MotorCheckUp runs its electronic analysis with the iDiA programme and generates a comprehensive report within 2 minutes.

Workshops offering MotorCheckUp empower their prospective customers to verify the true conditions of their vehicles before investing towards its maintenance or repairs.

Similarly, used car dealers can ensure their customers with a fully functioning vehicle before purchase – securing transparency and trust for customers and service providers alike.

“Our goal is to promote trust within the automotive care and dealership space. Unethical workshops and dealers have created a sour reputation in this industry. It’s not uncommon to hear customers constantly complaining about being cheated during service. We want to make MotorCheckUp available everywhere so that vehicle owners can not only have a better understanding of their vehicles but also ensure that more workshops and dealerships are providing ethical services,” said Ian Sia, Founder of Automotive Synergy.

MotorCheckUp can be used for most motorised vehicles but it can also be applicable for machinery in other industries such as agriculture, forestry, shipping, and more.

The unique QR codes on all test kits also allows permanent record-keeping for future reference and maintenance purposes.

Established 20 years ago, Automotive Synergy began in the satellite navigation system business before penetrating the automotive industry.

They have since received international awards from Frost & Sullivan and developed vital export markets in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, New Zealand and the Middle East.

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