Bag your car against flash floods the ClimaGuard way

By CARSIFU | 25 September 2021

PETALING JAYA: With unpredictable weather and a man-made climate catastrophe under way, the only constant to expect these days is change in unexpected ways.

Like no one would ever expect their car to get caught in a flash flood and float away. That's so bizarre. Yet it still happens sporadically in Malaysia and elsewhere around the world.

But if you had the presence of mind to put it - yes, the whole car - in a bag, zipped up, and anchored down, for such a rare occasion, then it stays protected while other cars around drift off into the horizon and probably need to be written off because of severe water damage.

Engineer Rahel Abraham of Houston, Texas, has just the right remedy for such freaky moments.

She created the ClimaGuard car cover after losing her car to a flood caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

ClimaGuard (2)

Abraham said the US$399 (RM1,672) cover is made of military-grade polyethlene that is expected to last for years and is resistant to ultra-violet and other weather conditions.

Unlike the Flood Guard Car Bag from the Philippines, which requires at least two persons to set up, the Climaguard needs only one.

It is available in various sizes to fit different types of vehicles measuring from 4.4 metres to 5 metres in length. This means it can fit compact cars, full-size sedans, sports cars, MPVs and mid-size SUVs.

As the product video shows, it's a simple case of driving the car over the ClimaGuard bag, then zipped it up. To ensure it doesn't float away, included tethers are available to hold the bag in place to sturdy posts or other anchor points. The bag can also be used to protect against strong winds, dust or snow.

The zip is designed above the waterline when the car floats up so water entry is minimised. It's not foolproof of course. If the water torrent comes from overhead or jets out from the sides above the zipline, chances of water entry are possible.

Still, some protection is better than none.

The ClimaGuard is guaranteed to protect a car or other assets in up to 91cm (3 feet) of “standing” water. The ClimaGuard can also be used to keep household valuables dry in a flood.

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