Bentley expands satin paint finish range

LONDON: Bentley Motors has expanded its bespoke exterior satin paint finish range to 15 unique colour options, offering customers greater personalization opportunities.

The new palette ranges from classic, understated tones to bold, contemporary colours, ensuring options for every Bentley model.

Each Bentley with a satin finish undergoes a painting process that takes up to 55 hours.

The process involves hand-sanding, cleaning, masking, and applying a clear lacquer in two stages to achieve a uniform finish.

All vehicles are inspected and approved by an independent production quality team to ensure high standards. By 2025, Bentley plans to apply all satin paints in its new, state-of-the-art paint shop.


The new satin finishes are developed at Bentley’s plant in Crewe, England, following inspiration from design technologies and trends.

Unlike gloss finishes, satin paints scatter light particles across the car's surface, accentuating the styling lines uniquely.

In 2023, 75% of Bentley customers opted for Mulliner content, reflecting the popularity of personalisation. Customers can also specify a bespoke satin colour with Mulliner’s in-house design team.

The 15 satin paint finishes are available across Bentley’s entire product range, including the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, Bentayga, Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, and Flying Spur. They are also options for the recently announced Mulliner Batur Convertible.

The full list of Bentley’s satin paint options, available on the Bentley Motors website configurator and through the global retailer network, includes:

- Anthracite Satin
- Royal Ebony Satin
- Storm Grey Satin
- Light Sapphire Satin
- Sequin Blue Satin
- Topaz Blue Satin
- Orange Flame Satin
- Alpine Green Satin
- British Racing Green Satin
- Candy Red Satin
- Cricket Ball Satin
- Extreme Silver Satin
- Light Grey Satin
- Arctica Satin
- Old English White Satin

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