Bentley launches 'business class' rear seat option after one request

By dpa | 23 September 2022

LONDON: Bentley has introduced an £8,400 (RM44,000) business class rear seat option for its Bentayga SUV after one customer moaned about a bad back.

The valued client requested that Bentley try and make the back seats of its luxury off roader more comfortable – and the tech-laden Airline Seat in the new long wheel base model is the result.

The £8,400 optional extra offers the occupant sitting behind the front passenger seat in the £211,400 (RM1.09mil) car the ability to recline his seat and stretch out.

At the touch of a button on a removable tablet that controls the seat, the backrest reclines, the seat cushion extends, the front seat folds forward and a foot rest pops out.

The Airline Seat also has a back, shoulder and leg massage function built in.

It uses 18 air-powered pressure pads to knead muscles and can constantly monitor the occupant to keep them at exactly the right temperature.

“The design was based on a customer asking what could be done to the rear seats as they suffered from back pain,” said a spokesman for the British-based luxury manufacturer.

“The customer wanted more comfort as they spent a lot of time in the back of their Bentayga and they put a request in.


“That one person’s idea sparked the Airline Seat introduction.”

The 22-way adjustable seats are now expected to be specified in at least half of the Bentayga Extended Wheel Base models sold.

The seat option could also work its way into other cars produced by the luxury car manufacturer, said the firm.

Clever tech built into the seats constantly monitors the occupant’s posture to make fine adjustments during the drive to make sure they’re comfortable.

The air pockets can be inflated and deflated in 177 different combinations throughout the seat to adjust for comfort as the journey changes.

Sensors also take readings every fraction of a second to monitor the passenger’s temperature and use heating panels and cooling fans to adjust the heat.

The system senses temperature and humidity with an accuracy of 0.1°C every 25 milliseconds.

The Airline Seats are only available as an option on the new longer wheelbase SUV as it has an additional 180mm built into the rear of the car for rear passenger comfort.

The Bentayga EWB is available to order now with first deliveries arriving in October.