Bentley V8 hybrid to replace W12, and it will be brand's most powerful engine ever

LONDON: Bentley has announced that its legendary W12 engine will be replaced by a cutting-edge V8 hybrid powertrain, christened the Ultra Performance Hybrid.

This new powertrain will offer the highest power output ever in a Bentley, marking a significant milestone in the brand's 105-year history.

Building on Bentley's tradition of integrating technology with powerful combustion engines, the Ultra Performance Hybrid will deliver unmatched performance.

With over 740hp and an electric-only range of 80km, it surpasses the W12 engine by at least 90hp. This advancement establishes it as the most powerful and efficient system Bentley has ever developed.


As Bentley phases out its iconic 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine this summer, the Ultra Performance Hybrid will become the new benchmark, driving Bentley’s next generation of electrified luxury supercars.

This new hybrid will not only surpass the W12 in power but will also feature four-figure torque and a WLTP CO2 emission rating below 50 g/km.

The character of the Ultra Performance Hybrid is captured in an engine sound clip released by Bentley, showcasing a unique blend of cross-plane bass and free-revving growl.

This dynamic sound spectrum reflects both the raw power of the hybrid system and the absolute silence of its electric mode.

This development represents a pivotal step in Bentley’s Beyond 100 journey, promising a fully hybrid range in the near future.

Further details about the Ultra Performance Hybrid will be unveiled in the coming weeks, while customers can still buy the final W12 and non-hybrid V8 models through Bentley’s global retail network.

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