BMW 7 Series could use i7 moniker

By JAY WONG | 20 July 2020

MUNICH: Rumours once again abound and this time its surrounding BMW's upcoming flagship G70 7-Series and its nameplate in 2022.

Work on the G70 is undoubtedly underway with reports of prototypes already sneaking about on European roads.

This happens to include an all-electric variant as well that will expand the flagship range, but while the German carmaker is adding to the list, it's also taking away from it too.

Apparently, the larger V8 and V12 engines will be axed from the powerplant lineup and to replace the high outputting engines will be its latest eDrive architecture with two electric motors to produce a combined output of around 650hp.

Because of this, forget about spotting a 7XXe badge and start thinking i7 instead.

There's also word that the G70 could use a large 120kWh lithium-ion/polymer battery which should provide up to 640km of range from a single charge.

Although the battery is large, BMW and Porsche did announce that they were in cahoots together 2018 to come up with an ultra-fast charger.

The charger, once created, should be able to "juice-up" a battery in three minutes for an added 100km-range or simply wait for 15 minutes in total to get a full charge.