BMW and Pirelli team up to introduce winter tyre with 50km more range

MUNICH: BMW Group and Pirelli have worked together to unveil new 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tyres for the 7 Series which focus on range capabilities, thanks to its “A class” European labelling for rolling resistance.

This collaborative effort sets a new benchmark especially for all-electric vehicle tyres, offering drivers "an exceptional driving experience with extended range, uncompromised comfort, and outstanding performance in winter conditions on different surfaces".

BMW all its tyres are meet the highest quality and technology standards, marked by the BMW Star-Mark for approval. This is in line with Pirelli’s "Perfect Fit" strategy, which aims to create tailored tyres for specific cars.

Winter tyres, known for higher rolling resistance due to their grip-focused compounds and tread patterns, typically reduce a car’s range.

However, a new 20-inch tyre developed in collaboration with Pirelli extends the range of the all-electric i7 by up to 50km compared to standard winter tyres.

This improvement is attributed to advancements in the Pirelli P Zero Winter 2's tread pattern and compound.

The new tyres will go on sale for the 7 Series from August. BMW plans to extend this technology to other models, starting with the X3 in late 2024.
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