BMW gets approval for combination of Level 2 and Level 3 autonomous driving

MUNICH: BMW says it is the first carmaker in the world to receive approval for a combination of a Level 2 driving assistance system (the BMW Highway Assistant) and a Level 3 system in the form of the BMW Personal Pilot L3 in the same vehicle.

Both systems are found in the new 7 Series.

BMW Highway Assistant is a Level 2 feature that enhances comfort on long-distance journeys, thanks to its ability to operate at speeds up to 130kph.

The BMW Highway Assistant is an additional function of the Steering and Lane Control Assistant that can be used on highways with structurally separated carriageways.

On such stretches of road, the driver is able to take their hands off the steering wheel for longer periods and position them comfortably, provided they continue to pay attention to what is happening on the road and are able to take over the steering again at any time.

While driving in partially automated mode, the 7 Series Sedan is also able to make lane changes without the driver having to take hold of the steering wheel again.

This is made possible by the Active Lane Change Assistant, which performs the necessary steering movements for the overtaking manoeuvre and adjusts the vehicle’s speed as required as soon as the traffic situation permits.


Plus, the driver is able to initiate a lane change suggested by this system by simply looking in the exterior mirror to confirm it.

BMW Personal Pilot is a Level 3 feature, which allows for other in-car activities in traffic jams.

The highly automated Level 3 driving means drivers can take their hands off the steering wheel and temporarily turn their attention away from the road.

The BMW Personal Pilot L3 feature in the 7 Series offers a whole new driving experience by enabling drivers to fully delegate the task of driving to their car under certain conditions at speeds up to 60kph and look away from the road.

Highly automated systems are capable of completely taking over the driving in specific situations, e.g. in traffic jams on the highway.

This even lets drivers carry out other in-car activities, such as making phone calls, reading, writing messages, working or streaming videos.

However, the driver must always be prepared to re-assume control within a few seconds when prompted by the car, for example when there are roadworks.

The combination of all these driving assistance systems within a single vehicle represents a significant advance and offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for a more comfortable, more relaxing drive over both long and short journeys.

The BMW Highway Assistant and Driving Assistant Professional are both part of the optional BMW Personal Pilot L3, which is available only in Germany priced at € 6,000 (RM31,000).

Drivers of cars equipped with the optional BMW Personal Pilot L3 that have already been delivered will be able to add the BMW Highway Assistant to its range of functions free of charge from Aug 24.
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