BMW M chief says more powerful M cars on the way

By CARSIFU | 4 May 2020

MUNICH: "Don’t expect a power limit.”

With those words, BMW M boss Markus Flasch is pledging to deliver more powerful M cars in future.

"It’s all just a question of how you incorporate it into a package that makes it accessible for everyone. This is what M has always been brilliant in," Flasch told Australian auto website in an interview.

“You look 10, 15 years back and if you imagined 625hp in a saloon car, you’d probably be scared. Now, I can give an M5 this 625hp and only drive my mom, in winter, and she’d still be okay."

When asked about a hybrid or electrified version of the M, he said, "We won’t mess around or compromise the distinct character that our M cars have today. An electrified car, whether it’s plug in the wall, battery-electric, has to take it up with the predecessor, and I know that there are physical limits, but within physical limits of working dimensions, we are going to make it happen.”

Flasch also ponted out that that M does not compete with BMW's mainstream cars.

“M has never been a competing brand to BMW. M is the exaggeration of what BMW stands for in terms of driving pleasure. M supplements BMW, and it’s going to remain this way.”