BMW offers new Traffic Camera Information subscription service

By JAY WONG | 18 November 2020

LOS ANGELES: Following BMW's previous attempt to charge car buyers a fee to have Apple CarPlay in their vehicle, the Bavarian automaker is back with the introduction of a new Traffic Camera Information (TCI) subscription service.

The German automaker is providing its US clientele with a three-month free trial on select BMW models before charging USD$25 (RM110) for 15 months in order to keep using the service.

The service basically alerts drivers to speed cameras such as radar detectors and even traffic light cameras and is part of the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of systems.

Previously, BMW wanted to charge its US clients some USD$80 (RM350) per year to use Apple CarPlay in their vehicle and even came out with a package deal - USD$300 (RM1,500) for 20 years.