BMW offers specialised training courses for drivers of special protection vehicles

MUNICH: BMW is offering specialised training programs tailored for professional drivers of special protection vehicles.

These vehicles, including the all-electric BMW i7 Protection, BMW 7 Series Protection, and BMW X5 Protection VR6 +, are equipped with advanced safety features and require specific driving skills to maximise their potential in everyday use.

The training programs, conducted at the Groß Dölln training centre near Berlin, focus on enhancing driving skills in handling special-protection vehicles, particularly in extreme situations. The courses cover driving physics, tactical knowledge, and practical exercises, including emergency braking, evasive maneuvers, and driving in low-light conditions.


The two-stage BMW Security Vehicle Training course includes a two-day basic training covering fundamental driving techniques and a three-day advanced course that delves into extreme situations like escape maneuvers under fire and crash scenarios.

Participants experience realistic training scenarios with pyrotechnics, night-time ambushes, and simulated vehicle attacks to simulate high-stress situations.

The training also includes off-road exercises using the BMW X5 Protection VR6, where drivers learn to navigate challenging terrains and maintain control of the armoured vehicle in rough conditions.


BMW's special protection vehicles, such as the BMW 7 Series Protection and BMW i7 Protection, are built with an integrated protection concept, offering maximum safety without compromising comfort and performance. These vehicles feature armoured steel protection cells, reinforced doors, underbody armour, and bullet-resistant glass, meeting international resistance standards.

The BMW X5 Protection VR6, designed for discreet appearance with a sporty touch, incorporates specialised protective equipment during its development, ensuring bullet and blast resistance while maintaining dynamic performance.


The chassis technology of the BMW X5 Protection VR6 includes adaptive features like active steering and roll stabilisation, paired with a powerful V8 engine and sport brake system, ensuring superior handling and stopping power.

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