BMW starts building battery plant in Thailand

RAYONG (Thailand): BMW Group has started construction of a new plant here for Gen-5 high-voltage batteries, marking a significant step towards enhancing its electric vehicle production capabilities.

Slated to begin local electric vehicle production in the second half of 2025, this move underscores BMW's commitment to the "local for local" principle, aiming to bolster economic growth, job creation, and knowledge exchange in Thailand and the broader Asean region.

The plant, covering 4,000 square metres, represents an investment of over 1.6 billion baht (RM216mil), with a substantial portion allocated for advanced equipment and systems.


This facility will transform imported battery cells into modules for high-voltage batteries, expanding BMW Group Manufacturing Thailand's operations, which has produced high-voltage batteries for plug-in hybrids since 2019.

The Rayong plant produces around two dozen BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad models for the Thai as well as various Asean markets.

The plant's 2023 output totalled more than 12,000 cars and almost 11,000 motorcycles.

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