BMW teams up with Rimac on EV solutions

MUNICH/ZAGREB: BMW has announced a long-term partnership with Rimac Technology, based near Zagreb, Croatia, to co-develop and produce innovative high-voltage battery solutions for electric vehicles.

This collaboration leverages the BMW Group's extensive experience in battery and electric drive systems, built over 15 years, with Rimac Technology's specialisation in electrification, including high-voltage battery packs and e-axles.

The partnership aims to bolster BMW's electrification strategy and maintain its leadership in the premium electric mobility sector, anticipating battery-electric vehicles to dominate over half of global vehicle sales before 2030.


Rimac Technology, now transitioning to a high-volume Tier 1 supplier, will continue offering advanced, customised electrification solutions.

Further details on the partnership's specifics will be disclosed later. Additionally, BMW is set to introduce its sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, promising advancements in range and charging time.

Rimac Technology is part of the Rimac Group, named after founder/CEO Mate Rimac. Porsche and Hyundai/Kia (11%) have a stake in the group, which also comprises the Bugatti Rimac subsidiary.
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