Bugatti goes into luxury eyewear

By CARSIFU | 8 February 2023

MILAN: Bugatti has launched its first eyewear collection in partnership with optical designer Larry Sands.

The collection spans nine distinct styles across 37 statement pieces.

The nine-style set comprising of 37 pieces available in different materials – including palladium, 925 sterling silver, carbon fiber and Macassar ebony – melds heritage with modernity.

Taking inspiration from Ettore Bugatti’s vision – “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti” – Collection One strives to capture and transfer Bugatti’s core values into exclusive eyewear pieces that are at the vanguard of fashion, creating desirable and luxurious accessories.

Over a period of 60 years, Sands has helped shape and create a wide range of eyewear pieces and collections for the leading fashion houses and eyewear brands.


The Bugatti collection took two years to complete.

Each piece is made in Japan, from solid 925 sterling silver trim with 18k gold and palladium - the most expensive materials in the world.

The use of Positive Vapour Deposition (PVD) – a process in which a solid material is vaporised in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of the product – is another key breakthrough for the eyewear industry that’s been first successfully employed during the creation of Collection One.

The PVD acts as a Diamond Like Coating, a surface that is highly resistant to wear and is also used throughout the development and production of Bugatti automobiles.

The use of carbon fibre and Macassar ebony is another design iteration that pays homage to Bugatti’s automobiles, as does the use of the famed red enamel Macaron.


An intricate custom wirecore, developed in sheets to mirror the grill pattern that adorns each Bugatti hyper sports car’s horseshoe radiator, forms a fusion of the ‘then’ and ‘now’ on each of the 37 examples.

Collection One was showcased at the MIDO Optical Trade Show on Feb 4 here, and will be available in selected boutiques.

Retail prices are from US$1,295 to US$15,000. Further information would be available soon at