Bugatti supercar now cheaper to run, but upkeep still mind-boggling

By dpa | 28 January 2023

HAMBURG/CHICAGO: Only a few people can afford the Bugatti Chiron, and even if they can buy one they will find that the costs of running and maintaining this super sports car are astronomical.

With a price tag of at least US$3 million (RM12.7mil), the Chiron is one of the most expensive cars in the world to buy in the first place, so owners should not be too surprised by hefty workshop bills.

A new engine still costs US$856,000 (RM3.6mil), although it seems Bugatti has tried to make the everyday running its current model cheaper, according to YouTuber and supercar enthusiast Steve Hamilton.

Hamilton looked into what a Chiron costs if you drive it for 10 years.

The short answer is: a good deal of money. But Hamilton, who owns a lurid pink and chrome version seen on his video, said Bugatti "has done a really great job of making it more affordable."

Using information from an official Bugatti dealer in Chicago, Hamilton said the minor annual service costs US$11,500 (RM49,000) and the major service, which is due every four years, costs US$34,000 (RM145,000).

It makes sense to buy an additional bumper-to-bumper warranty from Bugatti, for which the manufacturer charges a mind-boggling US$204,000 (RM866,000) for the four-year carefree package.

Things get very prices if an owner has no warranty. Lose the Chiron ignition key for instance and you will be faced with a bill for US$13,500.

Parts that wear out regularly such as brake pads, discs and tyres are expensive too. A pair of brake discs costs US$18,300, the brake pads cost between US$4,000 and US$6,700.

Bugatti recommends changing the tyres every five years. According Hamilton, a set costs US$8,450. This assumes that you don't drive the Chiron at over 400 km/h, because that increases wear drastically.

Tyre-maker Michelin says the tyres rotate up to 4,100 times per minute at top speed so ones rated for the highest speeds cost more.

An oil change for the older Veyron costs usually range from US$20,000 to US$25,000, according to US-based Bugatti service partner Broward.

Bugatti oil changes are much more complicated than for the your average car, since several parts need to be removed to reach the drain plugs and refill the oil to the correct level.

To refill the motor oil, the vehicle’s grille needs to be uninstalled, along with the bumper liners, rear deck, and rear brakes. Such an involved process often takes several hours and is definitely not a DIY job.