Bugatti ups its game with Chiron Super Sport after Rimac Nevera debut

By dpa | 9 June 2021

FRANKFURT:  Croation manufacturer Rimac has only just just presented the "fastest car in the world" with the electric Nevera, and now Bugatti wants to do one better.

The French musclemaker is once again raising the bar for supercars, announcing a new Chiron as a Super Sport at the beginning of next year.

It brings with it the power of 16 cylinders and increases horsepower by 100 to a colossal 1,600hp. Hold down the pedal and the car won't stop accelerating until it hits 440kph, Bugatti says. Up to now, the limit was at a mere 420kph.

The higher top speed is achieved not only by the more powerful engine, but also by new aerodynamics. Chiron oglers will notice the changes above all at the rear, which has been stretched out by 25 cm.


According to the VW subsidiary, this should ensure that the Chiron remains very "neutral and calm" even beyond 350kph, thus offering high-speed drivers a sense of safety.

However, the price of the two-seater is as spectacular as its performance figures. According to Bugatti, the car is not available for less than €3.2 million  (RM16mil) in its home market. That's around US$2,400 (RM9,882) per unit of horsepower.

Bugatti's new top model is also a response to the electric super sports car Nevera, which the Croatian manufacturer Rimac had only just dubbed the fastest in the world.

This reaches 412kph at full throttle and can manage a sprint from 0 to 100kph in less than 2 seconds. This takes half a second off the standard Chiron.

Bugatti has not yet given a sprint value for the Super Sport. Rimac is also ahead in terms of performance with 1,904hp. Only in terms of price does the French take the lead in the car quartet: Rimac sells its electric racer for as little as €2.4 million (RM12mil).