Burger seller compensated after workshop fails to repair MPV engine

Images shown are generic photos depicting an engine repair.

JOHOR BARU: Ahmad Fakrullah regrets sending his MPV with engine troubles to a workshop that specialises in gearbox repairs.

A burger seller regrets seeking repairs for his vehicle from an auto workshop owner who was later found to have no expertise in engine replacement work.

Ahmad Fakrullah Zaid and his wife were on their way to Gelang Patah from their home in Pasir Gudang to get supplies for their burger stall on Sept 30 last year when their vehicle suddenly stopped.

“We had left our house at about 11am and the engine died around noon near Lima Kedai toll plaza on the Second Link Highway,” he said when met outside Johor Baru Tribunal Consumer Claims in Menara Ansar.

The 38-year-old claimant said he had been using the seven- seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) since 2011, and this was the first time its engine suddenly faltered.

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When the MPV was towed to a nearby auto workshop, the manager told Ahmad Fakhrullah that the engine was not functioning well.

“The manager and I discussed solutions and he suggested two options, replacing or overhauling the engine,” said Ahmad Fakhrullah, adding that he opted for the former as the latter option would have cost more.

Between then and Jan 12, Ahmad Fakhrullah sent his MPV for repairs at the workshop five times but the staff failed to diagnose the problem.

“The vehicle is now parked in our house and we cannot even start the engine,” he complained after revealing that he had paid the workshop RM8,292 for repair works.

He said the workshop owner should have informed him that it specialised in overhauling gearboxes but lacked expertise in engine repairs.

It was only during the tribunal hearing that the workshop owner admitted that he had no expertise in engine replacement work.

Tribunal president Hafez Zalkapli ordered the workshop owner to reimburse RM2,900 to Ahmad Fakhrullah within two weeks for replacing the old engine with a used one without consulting the claimant.

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