Carmen Sagrera: Hispano Suiza unveils first images of its new hypercar

BARCELONA: Hispano Suiza has unveiled the first images of its new hypercar, the Carmen Sagrera, in a 12-second teaser video.

It will be the third model in the company's range of all-electric hypercars and is due to be unveiled in mid-2024, to mark the brand's 120th anniversary.

The company's new hypercar, designed by Francesc Arenas, will have a rear end dominated by a large exposed carbon fibre spoiler.

This evolution, resulting from the technical team’s expertise - led by CTO Juan Fernández - gives the model an even sportier look, without compromising the hyperlux philosophy, a concept coined by Hispano Suiza when it launched the Carmen back in 2019.

This is in addition to the new 103 kW battery capacity, which will increase the overall driving range.

The Carmen Sagrera expands the range of electrified hypercars and will serve as a testimony to the 120-year history of the company founded by Damián Mateu and Mark Birkigt here in 1904.

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