CBU Subaru cars for Malaysia and region from 2025

PETALING JAYA: Subaru distributor TC Subaru Sdn Bhd says it will switch to fully importing Complete Build Up (CBU) Subaru vehicles from Japan starting in 2025.

The change in direction follows an announcement by Tan Chong International Limited on May 24, which said it and Subaru Corporation have jointly decided to phase out the existing local assembly business in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia because they were unsustainable in the long term.

The transition to a CBU sales model aims to adapt to emerging market dynamics and position Subaru for continued success.

Tan Chong International and Subaru sad they would explore new business avenues in the aforementioned markets while maintaining a strong joint venture.

TC Subaru said current Subaru owners would not be left in the lurch.

It would continue to provide after-sales support.

All Subaru dealerships in Malaysia will maintain comprehensive services with Subaru-certified technicians and genuine parts available at authorised service centres.
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