ChargeSini hits new milestone with nearly 600 EV charging points

KUALA LUMPUR: Chargesini has capped off the year 2023 with the deployment of nearly 600 EV (electric vehicle) charging points nationwide.

In a statement, the charging point operator (CPO) said it has established 582 EV charging ports now, making it the fastest-growing CPO in Malaysia, as confirmed by AGMO data (which include a total of 464 AC and 118 DC plugs).

The company said its remarkable expansion of charging ports can be attributed to several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) inked with key strategic partners.

Notably, a pivotal collaboration with Mydin Hypermarket has resulted in the establishment of EV charging stations across 24 Mydin Hypermarket outlets nationwide by the first quarter of 2024.

This strategic partnership aims to provide convenient and accessible charging solutions for EV users throughout Malaysia.

"Our company offers a fully integrated solution encompassing advanced software and hardware for EV charging. Features like OCPP parking locks to prevent charging bays hogging issues (car parking / EV hogging after fully-charge), advance reservation systems (booking the charging bays 30 mins in advance by ChargeSini Apps), we also launched our in-app wallet (providing a smoother transaction for users to charge up their EVs), offers up to 10% extra EV charging credits for ChargeSini e-Wallet top-ups, and more," said the company.

Besides that, Chargesini's EV stations have obtained license from the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga).

This signifies that Chargesini is now billing users based on the average power received by the electric vehicle (kWh), instead of the charger’s capable output, or charging time (minutes).

This approach proves especially beneficial for electric vehicles that may not fully leverage the maximum potential charging speed throughout the entire session, said Chargesini.

ChargeSini's network of strategic partnerships encompasses distinguished entities such as Lotus Hypermarket, Mydin, Giant, WB Land, HCK Capital Group, Intercontinental Hotel Group, G Hotels, Holiday Inn, MyTown, The Curve, KSL City Mall & more, along with City Councils including Majlis Bandaraya Kuantan, Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh, and Majlis Bandaraya Seremban.
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