Chery Auto Malaysia and Technology Depository Agency sign MoU for brand collaboration

SERDANG: Chery Auto Malaysia (CAM) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Technology Depository Agency (TDA), a government agency under the Ministry of Finance, during the Malaysia Autoshow 2024.

CAM was represented by its president Leo Chen, TDA by its chief executive officer Dr Sharoul Jambari and witnessed by the Prime Minister's Special Envoy to China Tan Kok Wai.

The MoU marks a collaboration between the two organisations in promoting sustainable practices and the commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESC) practices within the Malaysian Automotive Industry.

Meanwhile, the TDA plays a pivotal role in fostering Malaysia's economic and technological advancement.

Through its Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), TDA is said to act as a bridge in connecting local industries with world-leading technology partners.

The ICP helps to empower Malaysian companies to acquire critical knowledge in enhancing their global competitiveness through government procurement.

The collaboration, via the MoU, will focus on developing and implementing innovative ESG initiatives that will help to benefit the nation.

(From left) Dr Sharoul, Tan and Chen.
(From left) Dr Sharoul, Tan and Chen.

The initiatives planned include reducing waste, promoting cleaner production processes, and exploring responsible battery management practices within the electric vehicle industry.

Additionally, the MoU is said to help strive towards improving working conditions within the automotive supply chain while fostering diversity and inclusion within the workforce and contributing to local communities through social responsibility programmes.

The collaboration will help to establish a model for successful ESG co-operation within the automotive industry by setting a positive example for other companies.

The MoU is also said to help inspire them to embrace sustainable practices and contribute towards a greener future for the country.

“This MoU signifies our dedication to exploring, extending, and enhancing collaborative efforts which will not only strengthen our interactions but also drive meaningful impacts among stakeholders, professionals, and staff,” said Chen.

According to Dr Sharoul, the collaboration will focus on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives within the Malaysian automotive sector, recognising the importance of minimising our environmental impact and upholding strong social responsibility.

"Through this partnership, we will explore solutions for environmental concerns and social well-being. We aim to develop and implement innovative programmes that address both environmental and social issues," he concluded.
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