Chery Omoda 5 brake complaint: No defects under Puspakom tests

KUALA LUMPUR: The Chery Omoda 5 unit which was the centre of a recent viral complaint had been declared as safe for use following tests conducted by Chery Auto Malaysia and Puspakom.

The owner, using the Facebook handle "Jc Jess", had posted a video on April 6 complaining about the car she bought at the Omoda 5 Fans Malaysia (Official) Facebook page.

Chery Malaysia vice president Lee Wen Hsiang had said the company had contacted Jc Jess since April 6 to address her concern, and also loaned her a courtesy car as it looked into her complaint.

In a statement today (April 12), Chery Auto Malaysia said its customer care team has kept Jc Jess updated while its technical team investigated her vehicle which she claimed had faulty brakes.

The vehicle was also sent to Puspakom, whereby a 10-point inspection was performed, which includes a brake test, to evaluate efficiency, dynamic imbalance, run-out, residual force, and parking brake to ensure optimal braking performance.

"All inspections carried out by both Chery Auto Malaysia’s team and Puspakom have returned no adverse findings, confirming that the said vehicle is indeed safe, and the brake system is satisfactory as indicated in the Puspakom test result," said Chery Auto Malaysia.


"The complainant has been informed and our team has explained to her of the results. We have also provided her with a comprehensive report detailing the findings of all our inspections," added the company.

The company pointed out that the Omoda 5, which was globally introduced in April 2023, has sold over 130,000 units (excluding China) up to March 2024.
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