Chevrolet's 7.0-litre LS427/570 V8 crate engine weaponized for track-use

DETROIT: The boys at Chevrolet Performance has enhanced its 7.0-litre LS427/570 crate engine which allows it to be deemed "all-new" but the only drawback is that with the bump up in performance, it's no longer street-legal.

The engine - an enhanced version of the company's production-based 505hp / 639Nm LS7 7.0-litre V8, has turned all those horses into more potent "unicorns" that basically adds on an additional 65hp and 95Nm to the mix for a total output of 570hp and 735Nm.

Other than the bump up in performance, the new LS427/570 engine is said to be easier to install now before getting fitted with new high-lift camshafts, new wet-sump oil system - eliminating the need to incorporate a separate oil tank, oil lines and other ancillary components to support the production LS7’s previous dry-sump system.

Compared to the production LS7 crate engine assembly, the LS427/570 features an F-body aluminium oil pan, specific wet-sump oil pump and a 14-inch 168-tooth manual transmission flywheel from the Camaro Z/28.

Additional engine highlights include a unique high-lift hydraulic roller camshaft with 0.591-inch intake/0.590-inch exhaust lift; 227-degree intake/242-degree exhaust duration and a lobe separation angle of 116 degrees.

Also installed are unique high-rate valve springs, the Camaro's fifth-generation Z/28 exhaust manifolds, low-profile LS7 EFI intake manifold with fuel rails, injectors and throttle body before filling it with Mobil 1 15W50 fully-synthetic motor oil and equipping it with an Engine Controller P/N 19420000 sold separately).

The new engine also comes with a more robust LS7 rotating assembly featuring a forged steel crankshaft and titanium connecting rods, CNC-ported cylinder heads with 2.2-inch titanium intake valves, and a 1.61-inch sodium-filled exhaust valves.

“The all-new LS427/570 builds on the legendary, racing-bred performance of the LS7 to create the most powerful naturally-aspirated LS crate engine in our portfolio,” said GM specialist marketing group manager Jessica Earl.
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