Clive Sutton launches 2024 ‘VIP Class’ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

LONDON: High-end vehicle specialist Clive Sutton has launched a new, ultra-luxurious conversion of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

The VIP Class Sprinter is capable of transporting nine people in the height of comfort, the new model features leather-clad seating throughout, twin 40-inch 4k screens, a pair of onboard fridge compartments, and a surround sound cinema audio system.

The huge rear passenger lounge (more than 15,000 litres of space) seats seven in padded saloon chairs and boasts more than two metres of headroom.

Owners can specify a host of other features from a coffee machine to a washroom with hand basin and flushing toilet.

The rear space can also be fitted-out as a full-size wardrobe, capitalising on the vehicle’s 1.79m wide by 2m high dimensions.

The Sutton VIP Class Sprinter is available with a spectrum of options from heated seats throughout, high-power air conditioning, or a twin-section panoramic glass roof (triple-section available on extended wheelbase).

Fitted with dark privacy glass as standard, the unassuming Sprinter VIP Class is a super-discreet way to travel in absolute comfort and luxury.

The latest Sutton conversion is supremely adaptable to different uses, from business meetings, with HDMI integration for the 4K smart screens, to party transport utilising the full audio system, mood lighting, and dual drinks fridge compartments.

Clive Sutton, Founder and CEO: “Our customers demand the absolute pinnacle of luxury, refinement, comfort, and practicality, so we’ve pulled out all the stops to make our 2024 VIP Class Mercedes-Bens Sprinter the most luxurious, spacious, and stylish way to transport up to nine people in absolute comfort.”

VIPClassMercedes-BenzSprinterbyCliveSutton007 (Custom)

The high-end features don’t end in the rear compartment. The driver and front passenger also enjoy fully leather-clad seating with the matching dashboard trimmed to complete the premium conversion.

In its most spacious specification, the Sutton VIP Class Sprinter would engulf even long-wheelbase offerings from the likes of Rolls-Royce, Maybach, and Range Rover.

Occupants in the VIP Class are treated to more than 7.88 square meters of configurable space, and even with seven rear seats, generous luggage space is still available.

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VIPClassMercedes-BenzSprinterbyCliveSutton020 (Custom)
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