Custom open-air version of Mercedes G-Class priced at US$1.3mil

BERLIN: The cabriolet version of the chunky Mercedes G-Class off-roader was officially buried 10 years ago, but now a luxury custom car maker has revived the model for a cool US$1.3 million (RM6mil).

Elite versions of the G wagon have long been coveted by deep-pocketed fans, yet most of the tricked-out off-roaders are bargains compared to the car from Dubai-based company Refined Marques.

Based on the Mercedes-AMG G63 Cabrio, the car gets a shortened wheelbase and front and rear doors which open in opposite directions.

Behind the C-pillar, the roof structure has been removed and a sloping end in the style of the last G-Cabriolet was installed, while the soft-top structure above the rear compartment corresponds to that of the G-Cabriolet.

The design is so clean that it could almost have come from the factory, which only supplies open top G-Class vehicles to the military.

Under the bonnet is a standard G63-derived 4.0-litre V8 with twin-turbocharged to 577hp. It powers all four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission. The Cabriolet keeps the standard G's full-time four-wheel-drive system.

Refined Marques said it will build 20 units of the G63 Cabriolet, and 19 examples are already spoken for in spite of the sky-high price tag.
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