Cutting edge technologies at Geely Automobile Research Institute

NINGBO, China: The Geely Automobile Research Institute (or GRI) is among the Chinese automaker's five global research and development (R&D) centres.

A group of Malaysian media toured the GRI recently, thanks to Proton's technology partner and stakeholder Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, and was impressed by the cutting-edge facilities and innovative technological prowess showcased.

There is potential for Geely's developments in electric and hybrid powertrains, as well as architectures like the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) to be used in Proton's future product strategy.

Located in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, GRI is at the geographic center between Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo, with easy access to major cities and regional hubs across the Yangtze River Delta.

With a total investment of over 13 billion yuan, GRI grew in two phases, of which Phase 1 covered a construction area of over 340,000 sq metres and included facilities such as the main building for vehicle engineering, the Vehicle Validation Center, the Pilot Production Center 1 and 2, the Engine Validation Center, and the Design Center.

Phase 2 covered a construction area of over 230,000 sq metres, where another major building which includes the Training Center, the Multifunctional Recreation Center, and the Studio are situated.

There are amenities such as the dormitory, hotel, as well as food and beverage outlets like KFC, Starbucks, Lawson and Luckin Coffee.

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With over 10,000 engineering talents, development work carried out at GRI is based on the needs of global markets, compliance with global regulations and requirements, and the ability to meet global technical standards.

Daily tasks at GRI include vehicle design and engineering, validation and pilot production, quality control, and coordinated development with suppliers.

Work conducted at GRI is underpinned by a systematic set of rules and processes for product development that covers the whole life cycle of such undertakings alongside industry-leading validation testing.

The Validation Center of GRI, with its rich know-how on vehicle attributes and insight into electrified vehicles and intelligent technologies, has established a systematic framework for validation that is quick yet comprehensive enough to cover all usage scenarios of customers worldwide.

This gives Geely a global edge in the smart validation of materials, parts, systems, and whole vehicles.

The Pilot Production Center of GRI has adopted a set of highly flexible manufacturing processes, enabling one production line to produce a mix of vehicle models built on different architectures and with different wheelbase sizes.

Be it an ICE vehicle, Hybrid, or BEV, the Pilot Production Center can establish a pilot production process.

It also serves as a validation test for future mass production. In addition, under the management of GRI is the Safety Technology Laboratory located in Linjiang Industrial Park in Hangzhou, which occupies a land area of 46,667 sq metres and has been designated as a key laboratory in Zhejiang Province for the development of automotive safety technologies as well as a key testing facility for automotive safety.

It is one of the most well-equipped laboratories in China, capable of conducting a full range of safety tests.

It is also a site accredited for certifying vehicles for export to Europe or America.

GRI has a wealth of IP (Intellectual Property) assets under its belt, and as of December 2023, over 18,200 patents had been granted.
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