Dead battery in your car's key fob? Here's how you can still get in

BERLIN: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, you needed to put an actual key into a car's door lock to get in.

Today, the doors of most modern cars are unlocked by pressing a button on the key. In some cars you can even start the ignition without putting in the key.

On most days, this is convenient - but what happens if the battery that powers the transmitter in the key fob dies?

There’s no need to panic or even call the breakdown service.

How you get in in this case varies from model to model. The necessary information is usually found in the car’s handbook, which you can also look up online.

The first thing to try when the battery is weak is to stand close to the car. If the battery still has a little juice left in it that may be enough to enable unlocking.

Some fobs have a physical key built in that you can pop out and use to open the door lock manually. Sometimes that lock is clearly visible, other times it may be hidden under a flap.

Remote unlocking may also be an option, using an app or website or by contacting the manufacturer.

The procedure for starting the car once you get in also differs depending on the model. For example, the key fob may have to be held close to a clearly designated place such as the start button.

Assuming the battery was the problem and not the fob itself, it’s usually not difficult to replace the battery yourself. If that’s not possible, you'll need to take the fob to a dealer or garage.
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