Deal or no deal: Britain's car dealers vote Margaret Thatcher as the PM they'd hire first for a job in sales

LONDON: "Straight-talking" late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is the British leader car dealers would most jump at the chance to hire.

But "untrustworthy" Tony Blair beats "chaotic" Liz Truss and "insincere" David Cameron in the race to rock bottom place in the list.

That's according to motor retailers on, which brings car dealers and private sellers together to solve the problem of used car stock shortages and rip-off private car-buying operators.

With Britain gearing up for another general election - and maybe yet another Prime Minister -'s car dealer community apparently shares the nation's frustration with many of Britain's more recent political leaders.

While professional car dealers have made strides to improve their public image in recent decades, the same can’t be said for politicians.

Despite her status as a love/hate figure, Margaret Thatcher - who served as Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990 - overwhelmingly leads the pack for "straight-talking" along with her love of entrepreneurship and "respect for the value of money".


Perhaps surprisingly, the often-criticised Boris Johnson manages third place, albeit perhaps for the same reasons he didn’t survive long as PM.

"He'd be a fun team member, but he doesn’t seem able to concentrate, so we'd have to watch him," said one dealer.

“Tony Blair? No chance” said another.

"Our unscientific dealer poll is a bit of fun but with a serious side," said HonkHonk CEO Sebastien Duval, "because reliability and winning trust are everything to customers and voters.

"So with another election coming we wondered which Prime Ministers our dealer community thought would serve both customers and their business best.

"There's potentially bad news for Rishi Sunak with no one seeming quite sure how he’d come across in the showroom, but they were clear that Liz Truss would be a problem.

“They were worried that she wouldn't even manage to close the first deal."
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