Diesel subsidy: Agriculture sector operators must be registered with GeoAgro, says ministry

A farmer pouring diesel into the tank of an irrigation pump for his farm by a river in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. — Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR: Farmers, livestock breeders, and aquaculture operators are required to register with the GeoAgro Registration System of the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry to receive diesel subsidy cash assistance through the Budi Agri-Commodity category under the Madani Subsidy Assistance programme.

The ministry said that eligible farmers, breeders, and aquaculture operators could register with the GeoAgro Registration System at https://geoagroregister.kpkm.gov.my before applying on the Budi Madani portal at https://budimadani.gov.my.

The statement also assured that existing subsidies and incentives for fishermen and padi farmers would continue.

"For fishermen, the government will maintain the diesel subsidy at RM1.65 per litre for owners of fishing vessels in zones A, B, and C, subject to the set quota.

"In addition, the government has agreed to increase the current rate for ploughing incentives from RM100 per hectare per season to RM160 per hectare per season and introduce a harvesting incentive at a rate of RM50 per hectare per season.

"With these increased rates, the padi farmers will receive ploughing and harvesting incentives totalling RM210 per hectare per season,” it said in a statement today.

In addition to cash assistance to agricultural sector entrepreneurs, it said the government, through the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry was also helping agricultural sector companies by providing subsidised diesel "fleet cards" to eligible transport vehicles under the Subsidised Diesel Control System (SKDS) 2.0.

This includes rigid lorries for agricultural produce and livestock, with applications to be made via the MySubsidi Diesel System at https://mysubsidi.kpdn.gov.my/.

Earlier today, the Finance Ministry announced the implementation of Budi Madani following the national address by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim last week regarding the Cabinet's decision to implement targeted diesel subsidy in Peninsular Malaysia.

To help stabilise the operational costs in the agricultural sector, the government agreed to provide monthly cash assistance of RM200 under the Budi Agri-Commodity initiative to eligible farmers, breeders, and aquaculture operators.

Any queries regarding diesel subsidy cash assistance in the agricultural sector can be directed to the agriculture ministry operations room at 03-8870 1207 / 1147, from 8.30am to 5.30pm on weekdays or via email to geoagroadmin@kpkm.gov.my.

Applicants can also visit the nearest ministry department or agency for assistance with filling out the application forms.
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