Domino’s Pizza to use e-bikes for food delivery

KUALA LUMPUR: Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd will be using all-electric two-wheelers for food delivery in selected locations across 12 markets, including Malaysia.

In a statement, Domino’s said its dxb e-bike features a built-in, fan-forced oven and a shock absorber system to rival a fighter jet, and was engineered to provide the smoothest ride for pizza cargo.

"Stabilised by space-age suspension that cuts g-forces by an incredible 67 per cent, the chance of turbulence for your pizza is zero. Together with the temperature-controlled pizza pod that keeps your meal piping hot at 68 degrees Celsius for optimum freshness and cheese stretch, it’s the closest you can get to having a real Domino’s oven in your home!," said the group.

CEO of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Shamsul Amree said, “Our new e-bike concept, dxb, represents an initial exploration into the future of delivery. The initial concept of the dxb showcases future-forward features like the Pizza Pod. Its one-of-a-kind shock absorbers and fan-forced ceramic heating technology are envisioned to enhance the customer experience, delivering pizzas fresh and hot – just as if they were right out of the oven.”

Domino’s Group chief environmental, social and governance (ESG) officer Marika Stegmeijer said that by investing in electric delivery modes, Domino's aims to reduce its carbon footprint and lead the charge towards a greener and cleaner future.

“Our new e-bike concept is a testament to our dedication to delivering not only great-tasting pizzas, but also making a positive difference for our people, customers, food, communities
and, of course, our environment.”

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