Electric or petrol: 3 tips by Cycle & Carriage for festive season drives

KUALA LUMPUR: Whether you are driving an electric or petrol vehicle, ensure that your vehicle is in tip top condition for an exceptional, smooth and safe ride with these 3 tips courtesy of Cycle & Carriage.

Tip #1: Be thorough in your vehicle health check

For internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, ensure essential fluids such as radiator coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid are topped up to recommended levels to avoid any mishap on the road.

Similarly, electric vehicle (EV) owners should inspect brake fluid levels, battery coolant, and windshield washer fluid to ensure optimal performance rain or shine.

Pay attention to the treadwear on your tyres to ensure they are in good condition and not worn out.

Meanwhile, EV owners should be aware that their tyres may wear out faster due to the weight of the car.

Visit the Mercedes-Benz Original Tyres and Rims Boutique at Cycle & Carriage Petaling Jaya Autohaus, the first and only dealer boutique in Malaysia that offers you a range of Mercedes-Benz original tyres and rims to choose from.

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Leave it up to the professionals at Cycle & Carriage to do a thorough check and service for your vehicle.

Check your next service date for both ICE and EV vehicles to ensure you are on top of it.

Consider Cycle & Carriage's Star Essential Package, offering comprehensive maintenance services for Mercedes-Benz vehicles aged 4 - 12 years, addressing vital components and ensuring your vehicle is road-ready.

Tip #2: Prep your vehicle to beat the heat and traffic

Given Malaysia’s tropical weather and recent heatwaves, it is essential for ICE vehicle owners to ensure their air conditioning system is in top-notch condition to beat the heat, especially when stuck in slow-moving traffic.

But it is not just about staying cool; plan your journey to avoid peak traffic hours.

Opt for early morning or late-night travel to breeze through with minimal congestion.

If your air conditioning is not performing at its best, consider getting it serviced at Cycle & Carriage with the Air-conditioning Service Package for not only cool but also fresh and clean air for the whole family.

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For EV drivers, eliminate range anxiety by meticulously planning your route, ensuring charging pods are strategically positioned along your path.

If your hometown is situated a little further from charging pods, consider investing in a mobile EV charger like the Juice Booster 2, available for purchase from Cycle & Carriage at a retail price of RM6,988 ensuring you are equipped for charging anywhere, anytime.

Tip #3: Be tech savvy and maximise the use of apps for a smooth travel

For ICE vehicle owners, plan ahead by searching for rest stops to fuel up at your preferred petrol provider and avoid high-traffic rest stops with long wait times using apps such as PLUS for live highway camera, Waze for real-time road alerts and MyJPJ app to access all your vehicle’s documentation at your fingertips.

For EV owners, download apps like Setel, JomCharge, ChargeEV, and ParkEasy for easier access to chargers and cost-effective charging options to ensure ample battery charge throughout your journey.

No matter ICE or EV, stay connected with Cycle & Carriage's WhatsApp chatbot (+6012 - 6202042) for assistance on the road.

Plus, rest assured that you can access Cycle & Carriage’s 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, available wherever and whenever you need it.

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