Electric Porsche Macan is coming to popular Overwatch gaming universe

STUTTGART/AUSTIN: Porsche and game developer Blizzard Entertainment have announced a new collaboration for their hit game Overwatch 2.

Later this spring, players will be able to use special skins inspired by Porsche cars, including the new all-electric Macan, for two of their most popular characters.

Already established in racing games, the sports car manufacturer is also expanding its portfolio beyond the motorsport genre, beginning with Overwatch 2, one of the most popular games in the world.

Overwatch 2 is free-to-play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

The goal of this collaboration is to introduce the sleek design of the Porsche brand in an unexpected, entertaining way.


“The young and diverse Overwatch 2 community is very exciting for us as a brand,” says Deniz Keskin, Head of Brand Management and Partnerships at Porsche AG.

“Overwatch 2 offers a sophisticated backstory, and players can easily identify with the characters. These were important building blocks for us to create a brand collaboration with Blizzard, and tell a story inspired by the new all-electric Macan.”

When the collaboration launches in-game this spring, there will be numerous cosmetics for players to collect, including two Porsche-inspired skins.

The first skin to be revealed is for the fan-favourite character, D.Va.

A former professional gamer, pilots her robot-like Mech.


Her new skin incorporates numerous design elements directly from the Macan Electric, such as the car’s characteristic flat upper light unit with the brand’s signature four-point daytime running lights.

First impressions are provided by a life-sized Mech statue, premiering at the March 8-16 South by Southwest, and will be on show at other events throughout the year.

An optimistic vision of near-future Earth, Overwatch 2 is about a world worth fighting for, where super soldiers, scientists, cyborgs, and omnics clash for control of real-world-inspired locations from around the globe.

Featuring 39 unique heroes battling across a variety of lively maps and locales, players must work together and adapt to a variety of unique situations.
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