Electric-powered classic Mini conversion launched in UK

By CARSIFU | 10 June 2021

LONDON: Proving that electric vehicle (EV) conversions don’t have to cost the earth, London Electric Cars (LEC) has launched its own affordable electric-powered classic Mini, with prices starting from £25,000 (RM146,000, excluding local taxes, shipping and donor).

Not only are LEC’s conversions some of the most cost-effective in the marketplace, they are also some of the most sustainable in terms of their end-to-end vehicle lifecycle impact.

Based in the heart of London, LEC is the only electric car conversion specialist within the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) as well as being the only EV converter based in one of the world’s largest cities.


London Electric Cars is aiming to transform the face of electric vehicle ownership and electric-powered conversions of classic cars from petrol power.

Founded in 2017, the company is on a mission to create sustainably-converted classic cars using electric power, with real-life EV mileage predictions based on real-world city driving and in-car usage, such as stereo and heater.

The base 20 kWh LEC classic Mini conversion, costing from £25,000 has a projected range of up to 112km, with owners having the ability to install a higher kWh motor and upgraded batteries to provide more range at an additional cost.


Drivers can use any Type 1 or Type 2 public charger available country-wide, rapid charging on demand, as well as use their private home wall-box systems and also charge from a domestic 13A socket should they wish.

Focusing on the full lifecycle impact of the conversion, and not just the powerplant itself, the team at LEC said it has conducted extensive research, development and independent analysis to prove that by using a pre-owned Nissan LEAF infrastructure (motor and battery cells) it is a more sustainable solution than mining and creating materials for an LEC-only powertrain.


The company also has plans to reuse and renew computer hardware and batteries inside traction packs and uses additive manufacturing technologies to assist with the production and engineering of the LEC classic Mini conversions, all conducted from its London-based workshop.