Estonian firm promotes over-the-air AI system to personalise its electric motorcycles

TALLINN: Estonia's electric motorcycle maker Verge Motorcycles has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence-powered software platform called Starmatter.

Similar to what is increasingly being seen in the four-wheeler world, the system makes it possible to update your electric motorcycle without having to visit a professional.

Starmatter is powered by artificial intelligence and designed to monitor the performance and safety of an electric motorcycle. The idea is to be able to collect real-time data such as speed, acceleration and braking, which can then be processed by artificial intelligence to improve the bike's behavior.

In terms of performance, the system will offer access to personalized driving modes, providing optimised control of torque, speed and regenerative braking levels. In terms of comfort, it can also adjust the suspension.

Last but not least, when it comes to safety, Starmatter has been designed to alert the rider in the event of potential accidents (leaving the road, collision, etc.).

Starmatter's human-machine interface (HMI) uses the Unreal Engine game engine developed by Epic Games, a major first. This means that Starmatter customers can enjoy fluid, full-colour on-screen graphics for information on riding, charging and servicing their motorcycles, said Verge Motorcycles.

This technology will be deployed on the brand's flagship models, the Verge TS and TS Pro, via a simple software update, as these motorcycles are already equipped with the sensors required for its proper functioning.

According to the motorcycle maker, all updates will be carried out automatically over the air. In addition to personalising and optimising the motorcycle's performance, the system will eventually be able to determine various maintenance requirements and warn of wear and tear on certain parts.

The market for electric motorcycles is still relatively small, but this type of remotely-updatable system seems to be a must for these vehicles.

It's no coincidence that the S2 Del Mar is the first motorcycle in Harley-Davidson's LiveWire range to be equipped with over-the-air updates. And this is just the beginning.

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