EV upgrader shows off Tesla Model Y as police car

LOS ANGELES: A Tesla Model Y as a police patrol car?

Yes, it's possible and it has become reality. California electric vehicle upgrader Unplugged Performance recently unveiled its first Model Y Police vehicle to launch its new fleet division, “UPfit.”

Its first batch of 20 Model Ys modified for police use would go to the police force in South Pasadena near here, making it the first city in the US to replace its entire police fleet with electric vehicles (EVs).

EVs are becoming increasingly popular in law enforcement, public safety, military, and corporate fleets due to their potential for taxpayer savings, cleaner air, and reduced maintenance downtime.


EVs can power all electronics with minimal energy requirements and zero fuel, ensuring constant communication, climate control, and response readiness.

Police vehicles require an always-on state to support onboard electronics and maintain a readiness to respond at a moment's notice. As a result, 60% of all petrol burned in internal combustion police vehicles occurs during idling, said Unplugged Performance

It said that at idle, a 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Police Car on average consumes 6,181 litres of fuel per year. Hybrids are a bit better, as a 2022 Ford Interceptor Hybrid consumes 2,763 litres yearly, on average.


Unplugged Performance's said UPfit is a 1-stop solution for specialised vehicle upfitting, including electrical, safety, lighting, charging, technology, and more, that works seamlessly with Tesla vehicle infrastructure.

UPfit focuses on reliability, using extensive research, development, and validation testing in harsh environments, including high elevations and temperatures.

Unplugged Performance said it chose a Tesla for use as a police car because the automaker is one of the top leaders in high-volume EV production, making it the validated safest platform choice.


While competing fleet vehicles brands currently have an up-to 2 year waiting period, Tesla vehicles are available, ready for immediate modifications.

The UPfit patrol vehicle represents the first public viewing of UPfit’s contributions towards the next generation of police vehicles and made its world debut last week at the world’s largest Tesla gathering, Tesla Takeover in San Luis Obispo, about 300km north-west of here.


This new "Public Safety" platform joins a lineup of other high-performance vehicles Unplugged Performance has done for customised use-cases.

The Tesla police cars are not cheap. Factor in the US$50,490 for the Model Y and US$41,500 for the mods, and each car costs nearly US$92,000 (RM420,000).

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