Ever wondered how thirsty a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport actually is?

LOS ANGELES: The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport has an 8.0-litre (7,993cc) W16 engine that gets boosted by four turbochargers to produce a whopping 1,479hp, but ever wondered how thirsty it actually is? Try 29.4 litres per 100km.

From a common fuel tank that would hold about 55-litres of fuel, that's not going to help you get very far - about 187km by our calculations based on the consumption figure.

Thankfully, the French carmaker provided a 100-litre tank for its fuel-guzzler, but still...it will only net its owner abut 340km per tank of fuel - even lesser if the pedal meets the metal.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport - 10

At current fuel prices, the Chiron Pur Sport's 100-litre fuel tank will cost RM245 to fill to the brim with RON100 - because not only is the Chiron Pur Sport expensive, it also needs to feed on expensive fuel.

So, with it consuming 29.4 litres per 100km  - according to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US who derived this figure based on 45% extra-urban and 55% urban driving, this is going to cost the average Malaysian user an insanely painful RM72 per 100km for the average "Joe".

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport - 17

Annualise that figure to about 15,000km travelled per year per average Malaysian - while maintaining that the price of fuel remains unchanged for that distance, the total expenditure rises to a whopping RM10,800.

Of course, that's an expenditure that's considered nothing when compared to its USD$3.4mil (RM14mil) price tag (before taxes, options and etc).

Bugatti plans to only build 60 units of the Chiron Pur Sport for the world which has an engine that has a 6,900rpm redline (+200rpm compared to stock) while a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission helps it to sprint from 60 to 120kph almost 2.0 seconds faster than a stock Chiron.

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