Find your pre-owned Volvo through online car locator

By CARSIFU | 22 February 2021

KUALA LUMPUR:  Volvo Car Malaysia has introduced the Volvo Used Car Locator to elevate customers’ experience in acquiring and owning a Volvo car all from the convenience of their smartphones or laptops.

Once the used car is made available on the Volvo Used Car Locator, prospective buyers can visit the website to browse through the available models on a consolidated list for cars – either Volvo Selekt or Volvo quality used cars – that are available at all Volvo dealerships across Malaysia.

The website also provides full details of the cars so that customers can identify the Volvo that best fit their lifestyles and its closest location.

Volvo Car Malaysia managing director Nalin Jain said the positive response from Volvo Selekt,launched in October last year, had motivated the company to provide more choices to customers how to purchase a used Volvo car in line with the move to be technologically savvy.

"This initiative comes at an apt time as we continue to be mindful of our safety and health, and practise physical distancing wherever possible,” Nalin said.

The Volvo Used Car Locator holds an inventory of both Volvo Selekt cars and other Volvo quality used cars.

Volvo Selekt models can be found only at Sisma Auto in Glenmarie, Selangor and iRoll Auto in Juru, Penang, whereas all Volvo quality used cars are made available at other dealerships – 12 in total – across the nation.

Volvo Selekt cars are guaranteed to be under five years old with less than 100,000km in mileage, and have received a 125-point inspection, software upgrade and genuine part replacements to ensure that they are road-ready and can deliver optimal performance.

To give new Volvo Selekt car owners a head-start, each car comes with a minimum of 12 months warranty, a complimentary 1-year maintenance service package (VSA 1) and 12 months of Roadside Assistance.

Volvo Selekt cars also contributed 15% to the total Volvo used car sales in 2020 for the Malaysian market.

For details, visit Volvo Car Malaysia’s Used Car Locator at