Five Petroleum Malaysia sets up partnership on recreational vehicle travel

From left: Five Petroleum chief marketing officer Joshua Ng, Five Petroleum CEO Datuk Seri Dr King Lim Chin Fui, Knaus Tabbert CEO Wolfgang Speck, Tapio Management chairman Bernhard Schutte and Asia RV CEO Tan Heng Siang.

PETALING JAYA: Five Petroleum Malaysia together with Asia RV and Tapio Management successfully established a groundbreaking partnership with a renowned German caravan and campervan manufacturer during a trade mission in Germany.

This came following a six-day working visit to Malaysia's largest trading partner among European Union member countries, led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and several Cabinet Ministers towards fostering strategic collaboration and economic growth.

Five Petroleum chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr King Lim Chin Fui is among several businessmen and industry captains who were in Germany to explore business and investment opportunities for mutual benefits.

Lim said the partnership positions Five Petroleum at the forefront of a revolution in recreational vehicle (RV) travel across Southeast Asia, fostering economic growth and promoting eco-friendly adventures.

"We believe this is a good start to bring a German firm to start their RV manufacturing plan in Malaysia.

"This collaboration redefines high-technology, eco-friendly RV travel, emphasising journeys that promote adventure and conscious exploration.

"We are thrilled to be the first petrol retail company in Malaysia to introduce diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) across our network, supporting a greener future for Malaysia and Southeast Asia," he said in an interview.

Lim said it also aligned with their unwavering commitment to sustainability and that the partnership paves the way for a new era in eco-friendly camping experiences.

recreational vehicle travel

These campervans will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrate with Five Petroleum's extensive network of stations offering DEF, a high-quality AUS 32 solution.

"This ensures the ready availability of DEF for cleaner emissions, minimising environmental impact and supporting responsible tourism," he added.

Lim said Five Petroleum recognises the growing RV community and is committed to catering to their needs.

"We plan to introduce RV-ready sites at our stations nationwide.

"These designated areas will offer a pit stop for RVs, allowing travellers to refresh, refill their tanks with high-quality fuel, and recharge (applicable to electric vehicle models). This initiative demonstrates our dedication to enhancing the RV travel experience and supporting the burgeoning RV community in Southeast Asia," he said, adding that the collaboration extends beyond economic benefits.

Lim said Five Petroleum and their partner from Germany are committed to fostering long-term knowledge exchange and upskilling the Malaysian workforce.

"Our partnership has the potential to introduce advanced RV manufacturing technologies and knowledge to Malaysian vocational schools, enhancing training quality and preparing graduates for future job opportunities in the flourishing RV industry.

"I strongly believe that this ecosystem will achieve a market size of US$5bil by 2028 in the Asean region," he said.

Asia RV and Tapio Management, both based in Malaysia, have extensive experience in managing and operating RV-related businesses in the RV industry.

Separately, its chief marketing officer Joshua Ng said they would actively identify suitable locations for the development of RV parks.

Ng said establishing a network of safe and secure RV parks will provide much-needed amenities for travellers, further promoting responsible tourism and encouraging exploration, not only in Malaysia but across Asean and Asia Pacific regions.

"This partnership brings together industry leaders, promoting responsible tourism and environmental consciousness. It's a win-win for travellers and the environment," he said.

The groundbreaking partnership is poised to ignite a passion for RV travel in Malaysia and the broader Southeast Asian region, attracting a new generation of enthusiasts. Industry experts predict a minimum 20% increase in campervan and caravan ownership and usage within the region over the next five years.

This surge will generate substantial additional revenue streams through campsite development, maintenance services, rentals and accessory sales, creating significant economic opportunities throughout the region.

With the existing 2.5 million RV enthusiasts in Germany and over six million across Europe, the RV community in the Asean region is projected to grow significantly.
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