Flat tyres, not flat batteries, let EVs down, says breakdown service provider

LONDON: The most common cause for electric car breakdown call-outs is a flat tyre, says British breakdown service provider Start Rescue.

“Our data shows 29% of electric car call-outs are due to a flat tyre” said Start Rescue managing director Lee Puffett.

“This is similar to petrol and diesel cars as many new cars no longer have a spare wheel fitted in order save weight and emissions, and larger puncture holes cannot always be repaired with foam sealant.”

Start Rescue’s data shows that EV battery range is not an issue for electric car drivers. However, they still need to look after the 12-volt battery that powers the same functions as petrol and diesel cars, such as the dashboard which enables the vehicle to start, as well as lights and wipers.

The good news is, from Start Rescue’s own data, EVs are less likely to suffer from a flat battery call-out than petrol or diesel cars. For EVs, this accounts for 23.7% of call-outs compared to 29.7% for petrol and diesel. Regular use will keep the 12-volt battery in good condition and avoid breakdown call-outs as EVs still need this system to open the doors and start.

“Like any car, EVs need to be driven to avoid the 12-volt battery going flat over time. EVs can be more complex to repair at the roadside – our data shows a petrol or diesel car is twice as likely to be fixed at the roadside – so it is vital to look after your EV’s 12-volt battery,” said Puffett.
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