For the world's poshest 3-year-old: Bentley now makes balance bikes

By DPA | 16 May 2021

LONDON: The most exclusive way of teaching your children to ride a two-wheeler is to buy them a Bentley pedal-less balance bike.

Being the fanciest kid on the block does not come cheap of course, and Bentley is charging £450 (RM2,616) for this premium ride.

That could be seen as decadent, except that it's a snip compared to the marque's cars which start at US$202,000 (RM834,000) for the Continental GT.

Neat features include handlebars in a diamond-quilted design along with a lightweight magnesium frame (650g). Total weight is 4.55kg, making it heavier than some lighter (and cheaper) balance bikes.


Then again, most buyers will be paying for the Bentley name emblazoned on the frame and eco-leather seat to make sure all the other parents don't miss it.

Bentley said the bike is suitable for children from 3 years and upwards. They can use it learn how to balance on two wheels while building confidence on a bicycle. A special safety locking brake provides greater stopping power.

The catalogue lists four colours for the bike to match the paint palette of full-size Bentleys - Sequin Blue, Onyx, Glacier White or Dragon Red.

Now most pedal-less starter bikes for kids cost a tiny fraction of the Bentley version, but designer Chris Coke said this one is different: "The balance bike was designed with the same level of detail that goes into every vehicle."

Avid owners can already buy a Bentley trike, teddy bears, blankets, ride-on cars, wooden garages and puzzles.