Ford gears up for 2025 Dakar Rally with Raptor and famed duo

DETROIT: Ford Performance has announced its lineup for the 2025 Dakar Rally, introducing the Ford Raptor as its vehicle of choice with celebrated drivers Carlos Sainz Sr. and Nani Roma at the helm.

Sainz, a seasoned rally driver, is targeting his fifth Dakar title, rekindling his early career relationship with Ford.

Alongside him, two-time Dakar champion Nani Roma renews his partnership with Ford and M-Sport following a successful 2024 campaign in the Ford M-Sport T1+ Ranger.

Sainz (left) and Roma.
Sainz (left) and Roma.

Testing is already under way for the 2025 Ford Raptor, a vehicle that signifies Ford's escalated commitment to conquering the Dakar Rally, regarded as one of the most challenging races globally.

Both Roma and Sainz bring invaluable experience and success to the team, bolstering Ford's confidence in the Raptor's development.

With rigorous testing in progress, the team anticipates leveraging the duo's expertise to refine the Raptor's capabilities further, setting the stage for a formidable presence at Dakar 2025.
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