Four Fiat concept cars to set the tone for the new Panda family

By dpa | 27 February 2024

ROME: Fiat is preparing to launch the next Panda generation and this time wants to turn it into an entire family of cars with at least four very different models making up a new model series inspired by the legendary small car.

All based on the same platform, the four cars are to be launched by 2027, brand boss Olivier François announced on Monday.

Fiat also wants to remain flexible in terms of drive systems.

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Although the Panda models will all be electric, there will also continue to be petrol models and, depending on the region of the world, other concepts such as ethanol as a fuel.

According to François, the new Panda family will make its debut this summer with a city car that will be slightly larger than the previous Panda.

This will be followed, in as yet undefined order, by a handy pick-up, which is set to conquer Europe from South America, a hatchback saloon and the indispensable SUV.

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The Italians are also apparently toying with the idea of a van that would also be suitable as a campervan.

According to François, despite their very different formats, all the cars share a common design language, a large proportion of recycled materials and a mixture of practicality and pragmatism.

"Fun and function go hand in hand," says the Fiat boss.

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