From yogurt cups to frunk tub: Ford snags sustainable design award

DETROIT: The US Society of Plastics Engineers has granted a team at Ford their sustainability award for its clever redesign of the Ford Mustang Mach-E frunk insert.

A dedicated team simplified the frunk design and drastically increased post-consumer recycled content.

Created from recycled packaging including and weighing the equivalent of 115 post-consumer use yogurt cups, the frunk tub for the 2023 model year goes from six pieces to one, reduces the weight by over 6.6 pounds, and drastically cuts the part cost.

Increasing the sustainability of plastics in vehicle design can help to make a beneficial impact on the environment – some estimates show that recycling plastic can reduce the carbon footprint of some plastics by 70-90%.

“Beyond reducing tailpipe emissions from our vehicles, we are committed to increasing recycled and sustainably sourced content in our vehicles,” said Cynthia Williams, global director sustainability, homologation and compliance at Ford.

“Our aspiration is to use only recycled or renewable plastic content in our vehicles, and this innovation helps bring us closer to that goal. We’re so proud of the team that helped create the new frunk.”

Ford’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality across its vehicles, manufacturing facilities and global supply chain by 2050.

Ford was among the first American automakers to include its global supply chain on the Manufacture 2030 platform, inviting 3,000 Tier 1 supplier sites to participate in the program designed to help them measure, mitigate and reduce emissions.

Between 2019 and 2022, Ford reduced its overall Scope 3 emissions, which include emissions from suppliers, products and other non-facility sources, by an estimated 23 percent.
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