Future cars won't lose value as fast as they do these days, says Renault

By dpa | 3 March 2022

BARCELONA: Renault reckons that future cars are going to lose value more slowly than at present, thanks to digitalisation.

"The cost of the car may initially be higher, but the fact that new features are added over time can make the underlying value go up rather than down as is the case today," Renault manager Thierry Cammal said on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The MWC tech conference runs until March 3 and is the first major edition of the industry’s most important gathering in three years.

Cammal leads the Software Labs at the French carmaker, which develops technologies for future vehicles.

The transition to electric mobility and connected vehicles requires "that we completely change the architecture of the car," he says.

That means there will be just a few centralised control units rather than several that are scattered about, among other changes. Renault is working with technology companies including Google and chip maker Qualcomm in this area.

Cammall also says it's important for the manufacturer to retain control "over critical elements of the software."