Get ready for high traffic volume during Ramadan, highway operators told

KUALA LUMPUR: he Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) has instructed all highway concessionaires to make thorough preparations, especially during peak hours, to ensure highway users have comfortable, safe and smooth travels throughout Ramadan.

Its director-general, Datuk Sazali Harun, said in a statement today LLM anticipated an increase in traffic volume on tolled highways during commuting hours throughout the fasting month, which is expected to begin tomorrow.

"Among the initiatives that must be implemented are rescheduling the activation time of tidal lanes or smart lanes in line with the changes in working hours and ensuring that all facilities provided at rest and service areas, lay-bys and toll plazas are in good condition, including water supply and cleanliness,” he said.

He urged highway concessionaires to consider changes in the commuting hours of users throughout the month of Ramadan when implementing lane closures for maintenance works, adding that they must identify hotspots and provide temporary additional facilities to manage the increase in traffic volume.

"They should enhance cooperation with the police to facilitate traffic movement, especially at critical locations such as at traffic lights after highway exits to prevent traffic overflow,” read the statement.

Sazali made these remarks after a site visit to observe the planning and actions taken by ANIH Berhad to reduce congestion on the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway, particularly at the Gombak toll Plaza.

He said the Ministry of Works and LLM, as well as all highway concessionaires, must always be mindful of the comfort of highway users and strive to provide the best services.

Highway users can contact LLM’s Traffic Management Centre at 1-800-88-7752 for information on traffic conditions or to get help.
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