New Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport tyre rolls in from RM294

By JAY WONG | 7 December 2020

SHAH ALAM: Goodyear in Malaysia has expanded its Eagle F1 tyre series to five with the addition of an entry-level Sport variant.

Available at all Goodyear AutoCare centres throughout Malaysia, the tyre retails from RM294 to RM678 per piece (depending on size).

The company says that it's Eagle F1 Sport tyre takes aim at aspiring track enthusiasts with up to 22 sizes available for tyres ranging from 16 to 18-inches.

Eagle F1 Sport_whatsapp

The Sport variant takes aim at those looking to upsize with its more affordable price point.

The tyre is said to provide improved characteristics in terms of braking, steering and cornering performance (dry and wet) for the avid track goer.

For the everyday road-going commuter, the tyre is able to provide comfort and durability in the form of its high-silica compound with an upgraded polymer matrix that forms part of its DynamicBraking Technology and has been given the signature Eagle Claw design for dry and wet grip performance.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport - 03

Also included is the ActiveControl Technology which means the shoulder blocks have been strengthened for added cornering stability and steering precision when negotiating bends.

For protection against curb rashes, the tyre has been provided with wide rim flanges as standard for all sizes.

Inside, there are rubber noise barrier strips located between the ply and liner for noise and vibration absorption duties and is further enhanced by its narrower lateral grooves.

Furthermore, an improved cavity shape provides a wider footprint for better contact and pressure distribution.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport - 04

“The Eagle F1 Sport is a high-performance tyre option for the day-to-day road user, at competitive prices for Malaysians,” said Goodyear Malaysia managing director Alex Ng.

Ng added that their customers can expect more powerful and resilient products in the future through their innovations and cutting-edge tyre development technologies for motorsports.

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Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport - 01

Tyre sizes:
195/50R16 84V
205/45R16 87W
205/50R16 91W
205/55R16 91W

205/45R17 88W
215/45R17 91Y
215/50R17 91W
215/55R17 94V
225/45R17 94W
225/50R17 98W
225/55R17 101W
235/45R17 94W
245/40R17 95W
245/45R17 95Y

215/45R18 93W
225/40R18 92Y
225/45R18 95W
235/40R18 95W
235/45R18 98W
245/40R18 93Y
255/35R18 94W
265/35R18 97W

Goodyear Eagle F1 Sport - 06